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Honda Accord Ball Joints

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a 1987 Honda Accord, automatic transmission. I want to know how do I know if the upper control arms, upper and lower ball joints are needed to replace? When inspecting these parts, what should I take into consideration to determine if they needed to be replaced?

Honda Accord Ball Joints

Another question is that the transmission fluid is leaking out from the bottom of the transmission. I tried to tighten up the bolts, it helped, but there is still a very small amount of fluid coming out. Is there any way that I can seal this without disassembling the transmission unit?

Thank you very much in advance!

A. To check them you need to jack the front of the car up so the tires not touching the ground. The you slide a large bar or a fence post under the wheel and move it up and down. If you see more than a small amount of play in the ball joints or control arms, they will need to be replaced.

Some have a separate upper ball joint and control arm and some have an upper ball joint as part of the upper control are so both have to be replaced. If there are two nuts on the upper ball joint, then it is replaceable by itself.

The lower control arm and ball joint are two separate parts and can be replaced individually.

If the leak is the gasket between transmission case halves, then the whole transmission needs to come out and be resealed.

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