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Honda Civic Crank Handle

Q. I'm having trouble trying to get the manual crank of my door panel on my 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback. Where is the clip for the crank at? I've been told it's under the panel but I can't figure out how to get it off without damaging my door. The panel is completely off except for the crank handle so I just need to figure out how to get it out of the way.

Honda Civic Crank Handle

The reason I need the crank off is so I can fix my window it has come of track or come loose from the regulator ( not sure the name of the part). I've fixed this type of thing in my Old Mustang so I'm sure it's about the same but any help or hints would be appreciated.

A. Here's a picture of the window handle from the back. There is a horseshoe shaped clip called a horseshoe clip. Wow, what a surprise.

Anyway, there is a special tool to remove them, but there are a couple of alternatives. One is to take a chunk of coat hanger about 8" long and bend a small hook on one end. Slide the hook between the door panel and window handle and hook the clip and pull it out.

One thing you should know about these horseshoe clips. They fly faster than the speed of sound, leap tall buildings in a single bound and as soon as they hit the ground they change into the color of the floor.

The other way is to grab the clip with a pair of long needle nose pliers and yank it out like a bad tooth.

Either way you do it, put it back on the handle as soon as it's off. If you don't, it will get up and grab the first bus to Cleave-land.

To put it back on, center it over the regulator and give it a sharp rap to pop it back on.

Honda Civic Crank Handle

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