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Ford Windstar PCV Valve

Q. Hello there. I would like to replace the PCV valve on my vehicle. Where is the PCV valve on my vehicle and how do I go about replacing it properly? You have a picture and answer for someone who asked the same exact question, BUT it was for the newer model engine (the 200 HP SPI).

Ford Windstar PCV Valve

Any help you could give on how to exactly replace the PCV valve and where it is would be greatly appreciated.

My vehicle has the following specifications:
1995 Ford Windstar
3.8 liter V-6
Automatic Transmission
155,000 miles
SEFI Fuel Injection (This engine is the 155 HP model previous to the 200 HP SPI coming out)

Thank you,

A. The PCV valve is located in the right valve cover. It fits into a grommet in the valve cover and has a large hose connected to it. To replace it simply pull it out of the grommet and remove the hose. Pop in the new one and that's it. Check the grommet and make sure it is good and has no cracks.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture for you.

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