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Mazda Transmission Problem

Q. Hi Vincent, 1994 Mazda 626 2.5 liter V-6, automatic transmission, 140,000 miles, fuel injected, full power and loaded. problem: In reverse or drive I step on the gas and the car revs probably up to 2,500 rpm then engages. The ATX diagnostics points to code 06 which is a vehicle speed sensor. I've done a 9 quart transmission flush at the dealer for $90.00.

Mazda Transmission Problem

Transmission still about the same, although now the hold/overdrive light is blinking. This vehicle engine and transmission is same as 1994 Ford Probe GT V-6. I have not approached the vehicle speed sensor yet because many times the mechanic wants to change the sensor and not deal with what the sensor is pointing to "the problem".

I've read that transmission slip could be any of the following:
Throttle Position Sensor
Transmission Converter Clutch
Transmission Shift Solenoid
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Transmission Valve Body

You have helped me before on another car I have. Thank you in advance and from before.

A. It could be anyone of these things. The TPS is easy enough to test with an analog ohmmeter. As for the transmission controls, they can be tested simply enough with a decent DVOM.

What you can do is go to the library and get the repair manual for your car and it will have the tests for each of these circuits.

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