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Dodge Grand Caravan BCM

Q. Hi Vince, I saw your site and advice and thought it was great. I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan. Over the last several months the windshield wipers started working erratically. We finally took it to two dealers and the first one said it needed a new motor and Body Control Module (BCM) for a total of $800.00.

Dodge Grand Caravan BCM

I thought that was really silly and took it to the dealer we bought it from who said the same thing. They replaced the BCM and the motor was okay after all. After we got it back we have two new problems: the starter will click several times before it engages and starts the vehicle, and the headlights have a life of their own now. They will go on when the switch is off and refuse to go off even when the switch is turned off and on. They seem to go on when the switch is on.

We told the dealer that these problems weren't present before they worked on it but they claim they aren't related. We're going to have to get them fixed. Did replacing the BCM cause these additional problems? We think the dealer should pay for the repairs since they weren't happening before we took it in.


A. Maybe not directly, but indirectly. As you can see the BCM is located under the dash by the brake pedal. Now in getting to it, the may have unplugged the steering column connector, which has the headlight and starter connections from their respective switches, and when it was plugged back in it wasn't securely locked or the terminals inside the connector were damaged.

Dodge Grand Caravan BCM

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