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Chevy C1500 Defroster Problem

Q. I have a 1997 Chevy C1500 Extended cab truck with a 1997 LT1 350 V-8. It is an automatic with EFI and has ABS brakes and P/S and A/C and cruise. My problem is this, the defroster was working and then one day it just stopped. The truck has recently underwent an engine swap. Would that have anything to do with it?

Chevy C1500 Defroster Problem

It was working for a while when the swap was complete but has now stopped. The person who sold me the truck is a good friend and we are both baffled. He said the defroster had a hard time coming on but said that if you turned it all the way on high it would come on after a minute or two. I tried that for a half hour and nothing happened.

My friend also said you could manually turn it on. He said that under the dash is a wheel contraption that if turned the right way would start the defroster. I am still truing to figure out which way. Do you think you could help me? Please help me. I need a defroster for fall and winter.


A. This year has electronic controlled actuators as opposed to vacuum actuators. There are three actuators. One for the temperature door, one for the modes, and one for the re-circulation door. Sometimes the logic gets locked up. You may try to unhook battery for an hour to see if it will re-teach itself.

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