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I Want To Be An Auto Mechanic

Q. Dear Mr. Vincent Ciulla Your assist is need to because I leant that you help people to be an auto mechanic. I too want to be as you are know you are a grate man. Can you give me an admission into your training school or if there is any school can assist me to get admission into?

I Want To Be An Auto Mechanic

Please sir kindly assist to be like you, because when go through yours web site I find how you be assisting young people to be an auto mechanic and how you got train, I too want be like with any different, but I had a little talent in auto mechanic but I wish to have more because I wish to go, to automobile school to have more talent more than the one have now because know you are a grate man in auto mechanic because if they want to be count they will surely count you with an auto mechanic in the world. So look forward to hear from you soon next.

Lshau Adele Amodu

A. I do not run a training school for auto mechanics. I'm just a guy who fixes cars for a living. I do a pretty damn good job, but I don't think I would consider myself "Great".

The best way to start is to check with your local collages and see if they offer courses in Automotive Technology. If not, there are plenty of private schools that do offer these courses.

Another way to learn is to get a job in a shop as an apprentice or oil and lube guy. It will take time, but as you learn more, you will be given more challenging work. Ideally the best training is a combination of school and practical experience. If you can land a job at a new car dealership, they will send you to school for formal training on their cars.

I can't recommend one school over another, but if you look around and check carefully, you will find a good one near you.

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