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Honda Accord Air Conditioning

Q. Hi, I did an air conditioning service on a 1995 Honda Accord with a 2.7, but the cooling only went down to 65°. The pressures are good and their is no sign of leaks. I changed the expansion valve but it didn't improve the condition. I would like any kind of advice.


A. Did you hook up a vacuum pump to the system before you charged it? It is an important step to get good performance from the air conditioning system. If the system has been discharged for any length of time or the lines open to atomosphere, moisture gets inside the air conditioning system. Freon and water do not like each other. That's why we evacuate the system for at least 30 minutes before charging it.

Also, any time the air conditioning system has been open or discharged it is recommended to replace the reciever/drier. This stores excess moisture but it doesn't really hold a lot and should be replaced with a air conditioning service.

There was a recall on the air conditioning condensor in your car. You may want to check and see if the recall was performed.

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