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Ford F-250 Oil Pan Gasket

Q. Vince, Thanks for letting me continually tap your brain with my automotive questions. I have another one for you. Do you have any tips on replacing the oil pan gasket on a 1990 Ford F-250 460 4x4? Can it be done without lifting the engine? The pan looks good and doesn't need to be replaced, no corrosion, surface rust, or dents.

I was thinking if I just dropped the pan down it would be enough to get the old gasket off and slide the new gasket in. The gasket for this truck is not one piece so getting it under the oil pump isn't a problem, although I believe you can also get a one piece. Which would you recommend?

Do you recommend a gasket sealer to ensure a good seal? If so, any in particular you would go with? At first I thought I had a leaky real seal and possible front seal leak, but after close inspection I realized it was the oil pan gasket. I kind of wish it was the front seal. I am already getting ready to do the timing chain so I'll already be replacing the front seal then.


A. You're going to have to raise the engine at least 4" to get any working room. And if you lift it that high, and take the oil pick up down, you can slide it right out. Which is the way I like to do the job. This way I can get all traces of the old gasket off and know I have a clean, dry surface for the new gasket. It's not that much extra work and makes for a professional quality job.

I prefer the one piece gasket. The less joints there are, the less chance of any leaks later on. Now I use 3M Weather Strip (I use the black so it's harder to see.) cement to hold the gasket to the oil pan and when that sets up, I put some Permatex #2 on the top to seal it to the block.

It's going to take, at least, nine hours. It is a major job. I would wait until you do the timing chain and combine the two jobs. It'll be more efficient to do since you won't have to take it apart twice.

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