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Tires? Pressures? What's Right?

Q. My car originally had 35 lb maximum pressure tires with manufacturers recommended pressure of 32 lbs. Some shop sold my wife new Michelin Tires with 44 lb maximum pressure and said use the 32 lb pressure. This results in the tires running somewhat flat and a very bumpy high speed ride and max speed at 55.

Higher pressure (38 lbs) smooths the ride and allows me to drive 70, but any faster and the rides shakes apart. Tires balanced many times. But how do I know the correct pressure? Is there a chart for each vehicle, or a chart by size and vehicle weight?

1989 Old Cutlass Cruiser Wagon - 195/70 SR 14 tires. Same problem with a 1990 Silhouette Van 205/70 SR 15 tires seems okay with 40 lbs. at 75 mph.


A. The best thing to do with this question is to post it in my Forum in the Tire Questions Only! folder. There is a tire expert there that can help you much better than I can.

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