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Ford Galaxy Diesel Power Loss

Q. Dear Vince, I have a four year old Ford Galaxy diesel which has lost power over the last year or so. Acceleration is very poor and going up hills can be a real trial. I took it to a Ford main dealer a year ago when I first noticed the problem and they ran a diagnostic test which confirmed something was wrong and suggested a defective MAF sensor.

This was replaced but did not make any difference to the poor performance. The main dealer could make no further suggestion. Driving around town the car is fine but I have just returned from a holiday driving 5,000 miles round Europe and at times I was overtaken by lorries going up hills on the motorways despite my foot being on the floor.

A service mechanic suggested the middle part of the exhaust system could be blocked and backing up but my local exhaust dealer has inspected it and says it is fine with no loss of pressure at the rear end. The service mechanic says it is not likely to be the turbo or the fuel injector pump but I am not so sure. Are you able to suggest a course of action please?

Car details:
1988 Ford Galaxy GLX 1.9TDi 7 seater
Engine 1896cc diesel no.VD24156
Manual transmission
Mileage 61,000
Fuel injection
ABS brakes not fitted
Air conditioning (doesn't work)
Power assisted rack and pinion steering

Many thanks,

A. Philip the very same exact thing happened to me a couple of years ago. I was on the interstate going from Minnesota to New Jersey when I had the same loss of power going through the mountains of Pennsylvania. It got so bad a raccoon and her family passed me.

The problem was, and I think you have the same problem, was the fuel filter. It started clogging up and was cutting off the fuel to the engine.

Now if I remember correctly, there are two fuel filters on your car. One that kind of looks like a small oil filter and another inline filter. I would try replacing both of them and see what happens. I'll bet that will fix you up.

Oh, by the way, I had two new fuel filters for my car, but no tools to replace them with. I wound up having to buy a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver at a truck stop.

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