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Mazda 929 Flashing Hold

Q. Vincent, Problem: the transmission has a hold mode, activated with a button located on the side of the shifter. The hold mode stops the automatic speed change operation. There is an indicator light located on the dash. The last 10,000 miles the light starts flashing and the transmission goes into the hold mode without pushing the button.

The only way to stop it is to turn the key off. Normally when you activate the button, the light comes on (not flashing) and goes out with second push of the button. I have been unable to find any correlation with running time, temperature, driving conditions, or anything else. This might happen once in one week or five times in on one short trip. The transmission operates normally other than this. It seems to me to be computer or sensor related, but where and which one.

1994 Mazda 929
3.0 liter DOHC V-6
4 speed automatic
112,000 miles

Thanks for any ideas

A. The computer has detected a malfunction and stored a code. When the TAT and GND terminals of the Data Link Connector are jumped with the ignition switch ON, the Powertrain Control Module (Transmission) outputs any memorized Diagnostic Trouble Codes by flashing the hold indicator.

One quick flash would indicate a code 01. Six quick flashes would indicate a code 06. Tens are indicated by one long flash and then the short flashes. Code series 50 and 60 would be indicated by five long flashes and six long flashes, respectively. once we know the codes we'll have an idea of what's wrong.

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