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Dodge Intrepid Missing #5

Q. Mr. Ciulla, I have a 1996 Dodge Intrepid, 3.5 liter engine, automatic, 150,215 miles, fuel injected and yes to the rest of the questions you needed to know. Now for my problem, it all started when the used car lot I got it at took it back to put new fuel injector seals in.

Then they found out it was a recall on this problem so they put back what they had taken off the engine and took it to the dealer. When I got it back it had a bad miss when you are stopped at a stop light with your foot on the brakes. It also does it when it's in a pull.

You can take the plug wire or the fuel injector wires off of #5 and the engine runs the same. Please help me I've about gone bald trying to figure it out.

Thank you,

A. Actually this is fairly simple to troubleshoot. You know it's cylinder #5 that has the miss so there are only three things that can cause a cylinder to mis-fire. They are a bad ignition wire or spark plug, a bad fuel injector or little or no compression.

I would put a new ignition wire and spark plug in so that will eliminate that possibility. That leaves compression and fuel injector. Assuming #5 wasn't missing prior to the repair, I think losing compression is pretty low on the list of possibilities. Since we moved compression to the bottom of the list, that leaves fuel injector.

We can check the fuel injector fairly easily. Take the connector off and measure the resistance across the pins. You should have about 120 ohms at 70°. If not, the injector is bad. Hook it back up and start the engine. Place the tip of a fairly long screwdriver on the #5 fuel injector and place your ear on the handle. You should hear the injector clicking loud and clear. If not then it is either not getting power or the PCM is not grounding it.

Check the orange wire at the fuel injector with a test light. It should flash. If it does, then you have power and ground and the fuel injector is bad.

If it doesn't flash, unplug the fuel injector and check the orange wire again. It should have power. If not then there is a problem with the power supply to the injector. If there is power, then the problem is in the wiring between the fuel injector and the PCM or the PCM itself.

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