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"Service Parts Identification"

Q. Is there an online Chevrolet "Service Parts Identification" code translator for the glove box sticker? I don't have a shop manual and the owners manual is useless.

Thanks for your help with this.

A. The Regular Production Option (RPO) label is placed on the vehicle to aid service and parts personnel in identifying parts and options originally installed on the vehicle. Knowledge of the RPO identification system can help identifying and ordering parts. Systems and assemblies may be uniquely identified by referring to the label. GM assigns a three digit/letter code to parts, assemblies, and systems. These RPO codes designate "options" and are assigned by General Motors. Some system testing and part suppliers require RPO information to accurately match systems, parts and assemblies.

Besides Alldata, I don't know of anyplace that has the codes listed, since they do change by year and model. If you send me a list of the RPO codes, I will translate them for you.

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