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GMC Yukon Ignition Timing Specifications

Q. What is the timing on a 1992 GMC Yukon 5.7 liter and automatictransmission? Someone told me it should be 0° but which mark is 0 and is 0 the correct answer? And I know to disconnect the single wire connector.


GMC Yukon Ignition Timing Specifications

A. I don't have a spec sheet on this year. Zero sounds correct though. You need to clean the index pointer on the timing cover to read the numbers. Usually the large indentation is zero.

GMC Yukon Ignition Timing Specifications

Base Timing, with Manual and Automatic Transmissions: 00(TDC)

Note: The Timing Connector breaks out of the engine wiring harness conduit adjacent to the distributer. It is a single wire sealed connector that has a tan with black stripe lead.

GMC Yukon Ignition Timing Specifications

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