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Oldsmobile Alero Window Froze And Fell Down

Q. I have an 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. The other day I think the window in the driver side door fell off the track or window regulator. There was ice on the window and I tried to roll the window down and I heard it pop.
Oldsmobile Alero Window Froze And Fell Down

I can hear the motor spinning but the window didn't move. Then when the ice melted enough the window dropped to the regulator's position. It is still open a crack. Does the inside face of the door simply pry off and then can I access it easily? Are there any items that need to be removed first?


A. This could be an easy fix if the window just slipped out of its clamps. The hard part is removing the door panel. Look for any screws in the bezels and perimeter of the panel. Once you're sure all are removed, the bezels need to be removed and you'll find some more screws hiding behind them. Then you slip a wide bladed putty knife between the door and panel to GENTLY pop it off.

Oldsmobile Alero Window Froze And Fell Down

Oldsmobile Alero Window Froze And Fell Down

There should be plastic "christmas tree" fasteners holding the panel on. Then you will be able to see what happened inside the door. You may need a new window regulator or just loosen the pinch bolts and re-install the glass into the clamps and re-tighten.

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