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Chevy Tahoe Under Vehicle Rattle

Q. I own an 2001 Chevy Tahoe and I have noticed a small rattling noise. However, the noise only occurs when I lightly tap on the gas peddle or when I go slowly. The rattle does not occur when I idle, or when I am going faster, and the rattle is not a consistent rattle. I have been told that it either could be a heat shield or something loose in the exhaust?

Chevy Tahoe Under Vehicle Rattle

The rattle seems to be coming from the front part of the truck, almost right under the driver seat. Do you think this is what it could be? If so, what would the cost be on average? And is it something that I would have to take care of ASAP?


A. My best advice to you is to crawl under the truck and start pounding on things to see if you can re-create the noise. Also have someone pound on the tailpipe while you are under truck to listen. I think you are describing a loose substrate inside one or both catalytic converters. These are welded into the exhaust systems Y-pipe assembly.

If it has less than 80,000 miles, it may be covered under warranty.

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