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Chevy Lumina Turn Signal, Brake Lights

Q. Hi, my name is Keith. I have just bought a 1995 Chevy Lumina car, and I'm having an issue with the turn signals and brake lights. The problem is that when you turn either signal on left or right with the switch, the signals won't start flashing until you click the Brights off or on. You don't need to hold the switch back, just click it once.

Chevy Lumina Turn Signal, Brake Lights

Then the signals will flash properly at a steady pace. Same goes for the brake lights, you press the brake pedal and the third brake light works properly but the main brake lights won't come on till you click the Brights switch back.

I've been told it may have something to do with the dimmer switch, but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions or answers for this problem? Please E-mail back soon.


A. Sounds like a bad multi-function switch in the column. I've seen this problem a time or two. You may try to activate the hazard flashers a couple of times to see if problem goes away Seems like some grease gets on contacts when it warms up. If no there is no change, replace the multi-function switch.

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