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Chevy Blazer Temperature Sensors

Q. Dear Vincent, I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer LT 4X4 with the 4.3 liter Vortec V-6, automatic transmission and 61,506 miles. What I wanted to know was if you could tell me where the main temperature sensor is located for the Automatic Climate Control or just the main air duct.

Chevy Blazer Temperature Sensors

I already know that there is a temperature probe in the center air vents at the dash, one on the drivers side floor vent, one in the defrost vent on the dash, and something above the drivers door. I don't know where this goes to but I know it looks like a temperature sensor.

What I want to do is replace my rear view mirror with one that has a temperature reading in it. But I want it to tell me what the temperature is inside the car because I already have an outside temperature gauge.

I guess I'm asking where is the a main temperature sensor, if any, that the Automatic Climate Control reads from or where is the main air duct that I can install the sensor for the mirror?

Thank you for your help,
J. Lairamore

A. Why not just install the sensor somewhere out of the way under the dash? Sounds like a easy fix for a hard problem. I wouldn't tap into any of the HVAC sensors, they would not like that. If you put it in a duct, it will read the temperature coming out of the duct and not the temperature inside the car.

I think you would get a more accurate idea of in car temperature by just hanging it under the dash near the center somewhere.

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