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Chevy 1500 Speedometer Cuts Out

Q. 2003 Chevy 1500 pickup, 4.3 liter V-6, automatic transmission and 52,000 miles. My speedometer recently started acting up. When I start the truck, it works for a while. Once I drive 60 to 70 mph for 20 minutes or so, the needle drops to 0 mph. This speedometer is not digital. My warranty has just recently ran out, so I don't think the dealer could help me without charging me. Could this be a speed sensor issue?


Chevy 1500 Speedometer Cuts Out

A. The speed sensor signal could be dropping out due to a bad sensor, but it could be wiring issues as well. The speed sensor is easy enough to access and check. When it's removed from the transmission make sure the part that it is looking at inside is spinning with the output shaft turning.

Other that the dash could be the problem as well. A dealer should be able to fix it with no problems as long as it acts up for them so they can diagnose it.

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