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Chevrolet Cavalier Turn Signal Flasher

Q. I been looking over the articles but I have not seen a mention of this. 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier, when I use the left turn switch the left turn signals flash at times then start to flash slower and at times disappear all together. Then they start to flash again and it happens again. The same happens to the right turn signals when I use the right turn switch.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turn Signal Flasher

I have replaced all light bulbs, replaced the round turn flasher relay, replaced the fuse. The problem continues! I notice when I activate the hazard lights, the lights flash normally. I can only think two more things, the grounds, which I don't know where they are, and the turn switch.

A. Make sure the flasher you replaced was for turn signals and not hazards. Turn on the hazard flashers and feel the flasher you replaced, if you feel it clicking, you replaced the wrong one. They are usually not near each other and while it's operating you should be able to locate it. Somewhere near bottom of steering column.

Chevrolet Cavalier Turn Signal Flasher
Chevrolet Cavalier Turn Signal Flasher

In general, the hazard flasher is located under the dash panel on the left side of the steering column. The turn signal flasher is located under the dash panel on the right side of the steering column, depending on model and where they felt like putting it that day.

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