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Chevy Blazer Dies And Bad Fuel Gauge

Q. Ok, I have 2000 Chevy Blazer V-6 with 81,0000 miles, everything on the car is stock. Anyhow the past few month the fuel gage has fluctuated and is inaccurate when the gas tank is below half a tank. I though no big deal, my old Chevy did the same thing, it was no big deal. Well the other day I was driving it, I stop at light and the car just stalls and dies.

Chevy Blazer Dies And Bad Fuel Gauge

I try to turn it over and it starts making a loud violent noise, like a high pitched grinding noise. The blazer is also violently shaking, it shaking so much it sounds like the engine is going to fall out. Anyhow after an hour or so the battery starts to die, so I try to turn it over and it starts to sound like it's an alternator problem cause it's clicking, then the battery dies.

I waited a day tried to start and nothing. It's dead but the battery is working but it dies out fast with in a few minutes. But I have not heard the first high pitched grinding noise since the first time it's stalled. I took it to get fixed and they said there's nothing wrong with the electrical charging system, or alternator. Any ideas before I go broke trying to figure it out?

Please help me, I am girl and I don't want to get cheated!!!


A. As for the fuel gauge, GM has been having problems with their gas gauges lately. The gas is eating the part in tank that tells the level. You could just have it replaced but at this mileage, you may want to think about the whole fuel pump module. These can be fairly expensive.

As for the starting problem, sounds like a bad alternator or it's bearing or even anything that is being spun by the belt for that matter. But it makes sense if the alternator stops charging, the battery will allow it to run until the battery goes dead. Then all the lights will dim and eventually the car will shut off.

Jolene, as we discussed on the phone, Bob and I both feel it is a charging system problem, probably a bad alternator. Have a reputable shop or, better yet, a Chevy dealer check it out for you. Vince...

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