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Chevy Tahoe Has Play In The Steering

Q. I have a 1996 Chevy Tahoe with a 350, 2WD and 140,000 miles that has a lot of play in the steering wheel. I've replaced the tie rods and idler arm but I think the problem is in the steering box. My question is, does this steering box have an adjustment or do I need to replace it. Would you suggest new or remanufactured?


Chevy Tahoe Has Play In The Steering

A. First, let's determine where the play is. Have someone sit in the car while you crawl under and watch all the linkage while the driver moves the wheel slowly from right to left. They don't have to turn from lock to lock, just enough to get the play out. Make sure the pitman arm is tight as well as the center link. If no play you probably do need a gear box and at this mileage I'd take a chance on a remanufactured unit as long as there is some sort of warranty.

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