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Chevy Suburban Fuel Pump Problem

Q. I have a 1992 Chevy Suburban K1500 5.7 liter that was running a little rough yesterday and it died on me a few times. Today it started rough, I pulled it out of the garage to change the oil and the oil coolant lines. Upon completion of the oil change I attempted to start it and no ignition. It cranked fine just no start up. I put about ½-oz of fuel directly in the TBI and cranked and it started and then quickly died.

Chevy Suburban Fuel Pump Problem

I replaced the fuel filter to be sure and while I had the filter off, I cranked the engine and there was no flow of fuel. I am pretty sure it is the pump, is there any way to test it or was my test adequate. This vehicle has 144,900 mile on it.

About 3 years ago at about 114,000 miles I replaced the engine with a factory GM crate engine. I think the fuel pump is original. To replace the pump do you know if there is an access panel or do I have to drop the tank?

Thanks for your response and assistance,
Fort Collins, Colorado

A. I hope it's not a full tank! You need to drop the tank to get pump out. Before you do try to look up on top of tank with a flashlight to see if all the lines are rusted. If so you may want to get a new sending unit as well in case the lines break off upon removal. At least you can spray some WD40 on them.

You can also try to jump the pump by running 12 volts to the feed wire at the tank. Just be careful you don't make any sparks with fuel lines open!!

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