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Dodge Dynasty Transmission Problem

Q. Thank you for the information on the problems we were having with the Honda Accord and Dodge Dynasty cars and getting the light bulbs replaced. The dynasty was easier than I thought, but the Honda took a little work. Now, we have a new question for you concerning the Dynasty.

Once again, it is a 1991 Dodge Dynasty, V6, 3.3 liter fuel injected engine, automatic transmission, 4 door.

This problem is with the automatic transmission. First of all, it is not the original trans. It's a re-built installed back in January of 1999. The problem with it is when it's cold, it does not want to shift out of 1st gear. This is a recent problem, never happened when we had it in Florida, but now that we are in Texas and the weather in the mornings is much colder, it has been happening and twice this week already. We even give the car a chance to warm, but as soon as we go, it just does not want to shift. Now, another thing you should know, when we experience the problems, we pull over and turn off the engine. When we start it back up and go, it works okay and works fine after the car has been running a while. We are afraid of a serious problem that could be starting, but like I said, ever since the start of the colder weather, it has been giving us a problem. Well, we thank you again for any help you can give us on this one and thank you again for the help with the bulbs!

Chris and Karla

A. About all you can try is a good transmission fluid flush and fill. Anything else would be internal to the transmission. What you might want to do is post this question to my Message Boards. One of my assistants, Marty Adams, is a Chrysler technician and he may have some other suggestions for you.

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