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Honda Civic Seat Belt

Q. Hi! I have a 1990 Honda Civic 4-door sedan. The driver's side automatic seat belt just stopped working. I consulted the manual and it said to check the fuse which was located on the plus (+) terminal of the battery. I looked under the hood and could not find the fuse box as indicated in the manual. I contacted a dealership who told there wasn't a fuse for the automatic seat belt motor, that I probably had a bigger electrical problem and that I should bring it in for them to look at. I'm trading this car in a few days and don't want to put any more money into it. Would you know if the dealership is telling the truth and if not, where the fuse for the driver's side automatic seat belt motor is? The passenger side is working just fine as is all the other electrical components.


A. If the fuse was blowb, neither side would work. I have found that most times the reason that automatic seat beat doesn't work is due to a bad door switch. Either the switch itself is bad or the door needs to be adjusted in. Look at the seam at the back of the door where it meets the body. It should be flush with the body. If it's higher, then the door needs to be adjusted in. If that's okay, then pull the door switch out and make sure the contacts are clean and not rusted up. You can swap the passenger side to check the switch itself. If everything starts working, replace the switch. If not, then you have a more involved problem with that system.

There is quite a bit involved with the automatic seat belts that would put it out of the reach of the DIY and I would recommend either not worrying about it if you're trading the car in, or take it to the dealer to diagnose.

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