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Guide Rating and Review: MULTIPLAZ-2500




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In my shop I have three types of welding/cutting equipment. I have a regular Oxy-acetylene torch, MIG welder and Plasma cutter. Needless to say all this equipment is expensive, almost $10,000.00 worth. But what can you do? You need it. But not any more. Recently I got the MULTIPLAZ-2500 to try out and I was very impressed with what it could do. In a word, everything.
What really impressed me was the compact size and light weight. With a torch weight of only 1.5 pounds you can weld and cut all day and not get tired. And it's compact size allowed me to get into some really tight spots.

I really put this tool through it's paces. I used their optional converter so I could plug it into a regular 110 volt outlet. The welding torch needs a fuel to burn. And the beauty of it is it uses ordinary Isopropyl alcohol. It can use anything with at least 40% alcohol content. I even used some Kentucky Burbon as a fuel.

First I used it to cut some exhaust pipe and it made a nice, clean cut. Then I was able to weld the two pipes, with a normal slip connection, together with no problems. But exhaust pipe is easy, any welder can weld exhaust pipe.

Next I grabbed a cracked exhaust manifold from the scrap pile and tried to weld the crack shut. In less than two minutes I had it done.

I also used it to solder some copper water pipe I had laying around. I also used it to solder some holes in a radiator. However I recommend some practice with the torch before you go soldering your radiator.

MULTIPLAZ-2500 Carrying Case
I had to do a trailer hitch installation. I usually farm out this type of job to a nationally known trailer rental company, but I decided to do this one myself.

The trailer hitch was going on a 1997 pick-up truck. I bolted it in place as per the instructions and then I used the MULTIPLAZ-2500 to weld it in place. No, I did not take it upon myself to weld it in, it was the customers request that it be welded as well as bolted. So no nasty letters please.

Now I'll be the first to admit I am a good oxy-acetylene welder, but a lousy electric welder. I mean I can do it, but the welds look like garbage. I know a weld doesn't have to look pretty, but I always wanted my welds to look good. The MULTIPLAZ-2500 was so light and easy to use that even my welds looked good.

The next thing I did was to start cutting things to see how well it would do. The Multiplaz-2500 uses plain water to do it's cutting and it cut through everything. I used it to cut through high-alloy stainless and steel, titanium, aluminum, brick, concrete and even ceramic tile.

Each time it cut like a hot knife through butter, even through ½" thick steel. What impressed me is the cutting flame is almost as thin as a needle. You could do some really intricate scroll work if you wanted to.

The MULTIPLAZ-2500 came complete with everything needed, except the face shield. It even comes with a carrying case so you can take it with you. As long as there is a 110 volt outlet, you can weld and cut. Everything sits nice and neat inside and there is room for other things as well.

It comes with a complete accessory kit that has everything you need to do just about any job. And if you should need replacement parts, they are readily available. About the only down side is, I would have liked to seen a longer cord for the torch, but I put the unit on my cart and it was fine.

Included is such accessories as a 90° cutting head and two nozzles for loading the torch and torch supports with water.

In addition there is a safety shut off if the torch runs out of water while in use and an "Overheat" warning light will come on.

It's even environmentally friendly. Since the Multiplaz 2500 is powered by water, there are no hazardous byproducts produced as compared to other types of welding. No harmful or combustible materials are generated or used to operate the system. This allows you to use in tight spaces without special breathing apparatus. In fact, the only by-product of the MULTIPLAZ-2500 is oxygen.

It is also energy efficient. It only draws 2.5kw. A 100 watt light bulb draws 1kw so it's like having three 100 watt bulbs on at the same time. This will allow you to use it in the field with an ordinary generator anywhere.

The best part of this tool is that it is affordable for the average Do It Yourselfer. Just $1699.00 get's it to your door with free shipping. If you do body work, vehicle restoration or modifications or any kind of welding or cutting, you need this tool. It is sturdy and well built and it should last for years.

The Multiplaz 2500 Kit includes: two (2) Multiplaz 2500 torchs, transformer/power unit, carrying bag, accessory kit, torch supports, instruction manual, and warranty.

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