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Ford Mondeo Timing Belt Replacement

Q. First of all, you have a great service for us amateur mechanics. I wondered if you could show the timing belt settings. I can't find the marks which shows the position it should be in. My car is a 1993 Ford Mondeo 1.8 liter.

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Ford Mondeo Timing Belt Replacement


Here you go! There is a special procedure for installing the new timing belt. here it is: Installation:
  1. Temporarily secure timing belt tensioner in far left position with spring fully extended, then tighten lock bolt.
  2. Ensure that timing marks on timing belt pulley and engine block are aligned.
  3. Ensure timing marks on camshaft pulleys and seal plate are aligned.
  4. Install timing belt.
  5. Loosen tensioner lock bolt, then using a suitable prying tool, position timing belt tensioner so that timing belt is taut, tighten lock bolt.
  6. Turn crankshaft pulley two turns clockwise and align timing belt pulley mark with mark on engine block.
  7. Ensure camshaft pulley marks are aligned with seal plate marks. If marks are not aligned, remove belt and repeat procedure.
  8. Turn crankshaft pulley 1 and 5/6 turns clockwise and align timing belt pulley mark with tension set mark (approximately 10 o'clock position) as shown.
  9. Apply tension to timing belt tensioner and install tensioner lock bolt. Torque lock bolt to 27-38 ft lb.
  10. Turn crankshaft 2 and 1/6 turns clockwise and check that timing marks are aligned.
  11. Measure timing belt deflection by applying 22 pounds of pressure on belt between camshaft pulleys. Deflection should be within 0.35 to 0.45". If deflection is not within specification, loosen tensioner lock bolt and adjust tensioner as necessary.
  12. Turn crankshaft two turns clockwise and ensure all timing marks are aligned. If timing marks are not aligned, repeat procedure beginning at step 4.
  13. Install timing belt lower and middle covers along with gaskets.
  14. Install timing belt inner and outer guide plates, crankshaft pulley and crankshaft pulley guide plate. Torque crankshaft pulley bolts to 109 to 152 in lb.
  15. Install A/C and power steering accessory drive belt.
  16. Install right hand upper and right hand lower splash shields. Tighten the bolts to 69-95 in lb.
  17. Install water pump pulley, then alternator and water pump pulley accessory drive belt. Tighten water pump pulley to 69-95 in lb.
  18. Install right wheel, then lower vehicle.
  19. Install timing belt upper cover and gasket. Torque bolts to 69-95 in lb.

Ford Mondeo Timing Belt Replacement

Ford Mondeo Timing Belt Replacement

Ford Mondeo Timing Belt Replacement

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