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Chevy S-10 Blazer Has Many Problems

Q. I have a 1996 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 4.3 liter. V-6 VIN "W". My Blazer is also 4-door with about 73,000 miles on it. It is automatic with a manual transfer case. For the past seven months, about two weeks after I purchased it used, my car has been actin real funny. First off, the main problem is that right after I start it, it idles somewhat high, high enough to where it jerks pretty bad when I shift into reverse or first gear. On some occasions, it even peels out a bit.

Chevy S-10 Blazer Has Many Problems

Also, since around that same time, my Blazer jerks from first to second gear. Some days it's worse then others. It seems that on wetter days it will jerk harder on that upshift but that just might be coincidence. On some of the harder days, it feels like, that if my Blazer were a manual shift, I were popping the clutch.

Also I seem to have what is called "dashboard gremlins" which means that my stereo's volume will suddenly shoot all the way up and blare very loud then drop back down or the volume dial won't work at all, it will turn off then back on, also my dashboard dimmer lights will not come on or they repeatedly flicker from bright to dim.

Also, my fuel gauge is usually inaccurate and fluctuates constantly. I brought my vehicle to one transmission specialist who said I would need to get it overhauled for about $1,500.00 dollars, I laughed and went to another one that was a friend of my father. He hooked the computer (an OBD-II I believe) up to a scanner and it didn't pick up any problems, so he drove it. He then read some labels under the hood and said that year of Blazers has had problems with the "mount" of the computers and that he would perform a ground repair kit. He estimated the cost at about $150.00 dollars.

Well like I said before, I am a stubborn, broke college student that refuses to hand over that much money. I also learn fast and taught myself to change out the water pump and oil and replace most of the hoses to the radiator. I recently bought a Hayne's auto repair for my Blazer but it is a little vague and I have no idea how to read the wiring diagrams to find the grounds or whatever else it could be.

Then, after changing the water pump, two days ago, I turned on my A/C, heard the compressor clutch kick in, and for three seconds I felt cold air, then I heard a slight click, almost like a relay click, under the right side of my hood, then the compressor, which is on the front left part of the engine, stopped, and it blew only warm air. I turned it off then on again and the same thing happened.

I am willing to do whatever I have to do. I'd appreciate any help!!!!

Also, real quick, the hard shift tends to be worse when I am accelerating quickly, it also occurs EVERY time I shift from first to second, including I make a hard right or hard left (when I turn the steering wheel all the way), I hear a very loud "clunk" like a metal on metal hit. Loud enough to turn people's heads who are nearby, who think that I hit another car.

I appreciate any help. And I can hope it is not transmission related, but electric.

A. With all these problems, you need to go to a dealer. There may be nothing wrong with it. The noise ia steering stops need lubing. There may be a ton of bulletins out there that have something to do with any or all of your problems. Small shops can access these bulletins but they don't have a clue as to which ones may actually help in your case.

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