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Book Review. Recaro: Evolution Siet 1906

Tuesday April 15, 2014
I recently hooked up with Recaro's Head of Tradition and got a copy of their brief but well put together history piece, Evolution Siet 1906 or Evolution Since 1906. It was a blast to flip through the historic photos and familiar info, but I was surprised at how much I didn't know about Recaro and its original iteration, Reutter Karosserie. Reutter made Porsche bodies in the '50s and '60s so their place in history is concrete. Check out the full review for more info.

Replace Your Smashed Truck Bumper

Monday March 31, 2014
The Chevy Silverado is one of the most popular trucks on the road. Popular with truck drivers, but unfortunately popular with deer, too. If your truck has a bent up bumper from a deer or other heavy object, it's time to remove the shroud of shame and replace that bumper! Save money and do it yourself.

Recover From Winter Windshield Abuse

Sunday March 30, 2014
Your windshield took a serious beating over the winter. All of that freezing and thawing and salting has left you with worn parts that need attention. Refresh your windshield with these spring windshield tips. There's no reason to carry on the tradition of a streaky window into the summer.

Radiator Flush: A Spring Maintenance Must

Friday March 28, 2014
With buds popping out and temperatures teasing with hints of warmth, we are on top of the spring season. Soon it will be nice and warm, and you'll be sitting in 80-degree traffic on the way home from work. As part of your spring maintenance routine, be sure to flush your radiator to protect your engine from heat buildup and deterioration.

Cure the Jitterbugging Lane Dancer, Replace a Worn Ball Joint

Wednesday March 26, 2014
If your car or truck is a jittery, shaky, wandering beast these days, you may have a worn ball joint. If you suspect your vehicle is suffering from ball joint failure, you can save serious money by replacing it yourself. Install a new ball joint and enjoy smooth rides from now on.

Get the Trailer Ready!

Monday March 24, 2014
With warm weather on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about trailering all of those toys to the exciting places you get to use them. Don't forget your trailer when you're getting into spring maintenance. Trailer wiring can be a nightmare if you let it get out of hand. Don't pause the fun, get ahead of the game this year.

Ever Wonder How an Alternator Works?

Wednesday March 19, 2014
You've always sort of known what your alternator does. After all, if it dies, your battery isn't far behind. So it must charge the battery, right? Right. But how does it do such a great job of keeping your battery at full charge and allowing you to run all sorts of crazy electrical devices inside the car? Check out How an Alternator Works and you'll be amazed. Or at least you'll know!

Are Your Working Blind?

Monday March 10, 2014
If you don't have a proper repair manual for your car or truck, you are doing yourself, your vehicle and the well being of everyone involved a disservice. Relying on the Internet for your automotive guidance isn't enough. You need a true step-by-step manual that is specific to your car in order to do a proper job. Whether it's a hard copy or a digital manual, get one and start reading up.

Get a Clear View, Refill Your Washer Fluid

Friday February 28, 2014
There's never a good time to be without windshield washer fluid, but if you live in a snowy region it's absolutely necessary have washer fluid available. Salty buildup is impossible to see through. You have no reason to pay somebody to keep your tank full, refill your own washer fluid and kill two birds with one stone!

Salty Roads Demand Good Wipers

Friday February 28, 2014
If you've been driving on the salty roads of an area that has seen its share of winter weather, your wipers are taking a beating. All that salt and grit collects on your windshield and grinds away the rubber on your wipers. Not to mention the ice that is continually tearing at those smooth, rubbery edges. The bad news is this is a time of year you need your wipers most. Keep them fresh by replacing your wiper blades any time they start to go bad.

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